Skyshine bedlam story dozer wide

Dozer weapons can be discovered during your journey through Bedlam. These pieces of equipment tend to be huge and expensive; but, with deadly affects. Only a single weapon can be installed on your Dozer at a time, and each has a specific impact, recharge timer and supply cost.

The Nuker – This one doesn’t really need an explanation.

Gatling Cannons – deal vicious area-of-effect damage!

Laser Cannon – blaze a lethal line of light across the battle board!

Electric Guillotine - An electrostatic discharge of otherworldy intensity can jolt enemies into oblivion. (Base Energy Cost: 44 )

Skyshine Distillery - Toxic byproducts of the dozer are transformed into projectiles of intoxicating liquid to cause immediate inebriation and violence in enemies!  (Base Energy Cost: 40 )

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