• Ancient Math Box: Used to recruit Epic Trencher encountered randomly in A.I. territories.
  •   Book of the COG: Traded to COG worshippers in cyborg territory. Triggers a fight against an Epic Deadeye, who can be recruited afterwards.
  •   Crusades Key: Used to access the Crusade Vault (random POI), which contains Spore Torpedo weapon.
  •   Cybernetic Targeting System: Used to recruit a Deadeye in cyborg territories.
  •   Cyborg Arm: Trade to wandering cyborg in cyborg territories for information about Marauder Dozer.
  •   Dimensional Map: Unknown.
  •   Gremcatcher: Used (but useless) in encounter with some wildlife. Traded at "Grunka's House of Pleasure" in mutant territory for new dialogue options.
  •   Jug of Skyshine: Used at drinking hole for new dialogue options. Traded to Skyshine Brothers encounter to recruit all three of them at once.
  •   Mutant Bobblehead: Traded to a mutant stronghold to meet with their leader, who triggers mission required to get Mutant Dozer.
  •   Mutant Hand: Traded to traveling nomads in mutant territory for power cells.
  •   Neuronic Tuning Fork: Used to prevent vine-related Mutant ambush encounter. Also used to access certain vine-related loot points, such as vine-wrapped vehicle encounter.
  •   Power Prism: Used as part of a special encounter to unlock the A.I. Dozer.
  •   Protocol Parcel: Used in rare A.I. encounter to recruit an A.I. Deadeye. Currently bugged.
  •   Spiky Shell: Traded at mutant farm encounter to recruit mutant Trencher.
  •   Strange Skull: Used to access mysterious humming vessel, which contains power cells.
  •   The Last Apple: Traded to farmers in a mutant territory for a large amount of meat.
  • The Master Cog: Used in a random encounter to get the Relativity Eraser upgrade.


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